SAP FI - Month End Closing

In SAP FI, month-end closing involves activities in posting a closing period. You can carry out the following activities as a part of month-end closing −

  • Open and close posting periods.

  • You close one or more posting periods in the past for posting, and permit posting to be made to one or more current or future posting periods.

Use the T-code F.05 or FAGL_FC_VAL for new G/L accounts.

New G/L Accounts

It will open a new window wherein you need to enter the following details −

  • Company Code for which Foreign Currency Valuation is to be carried out.
  • Evaluation Key Date.
  • Valuation Method for Exchange Rate Consideration.
  • Valuation in Currency Type.
New G/L Account Detail

You can filter out Valuation activity by entering the appropriate parameters in the Tab Screens.

Valuation Activity Entering

Click the Execute button Execute Button. It will open a list of all G/L accounts selected for foreign currency valuation.

List All G/L Accounts