SAP CO - Submodules

The key submodules of SAP controlling system are listed below −

  • Cost Element Accounting − Cost and Revenue Element Accounting provides you with an overview of the costs and revenues that occur in an organization. Most of the values are moved automatically from Financial Accounting to Controlling. Cost and Revenue Element Accounting only calculates costs which either do not have another expense or only one expense in Financial Accounting.

  • Cost Center Accounting − Cost Center Accounting is used for controlling purposes within your organization.

  • Activity-Based-Accounting − It is used to analyze cross-departmental business processes.

  • Internal Orders − Internal orders in SAP CO are used to collect and control according to the job that incurred them. You can assign budgets for these jobs that is system monitored to ensure that they are not exceeded from the set budgets.

  • Product Cost Controlling − It calculates the cost for manufacture a product, or to provide a service. It allows you to calculate the price at which you can profitably marketed it.

  • Profitability Analysis − It is used to analyze the profit or loss of an organization by individual market segments. Profitability Analysis provides a basis for decisionmaking. For example, it is used to determine price, conditioning, customer, distribution channel, and market segment.

  • Profit Center Accounting − It is used to evaluate profit or loss of individual, independent areas within an organization. These areas are responsible for their costs and revenues.