SAP FI - Sales Returns

Sales Returns in SAP FI are used to manage full products that the customer has returned. These are used in consumer goods industry.

All returns are related to quality defects and not incorrect deliveries. The path that the returned merchandise takes often has to be tracked in detail. Returned items have to be sent for inspection.

Example − Once the analysis of the returned merchandise is complete, the vendor or manufacturer determines −

  • The status of the merchandise and whether it can be reused.
  • Whether the customer will be credited for the merchandise and the amount of credit.

The "Sales Returns" component gives you an overview of your physical warehouse stocks and the corresponding postings whenever you require.

How to post a Sales Return in SAP FI?

T-code FB75.

Sales Return in SAP FI

Enter Company Code, as shown in the following screenshot.

Sales Return in SAP FI

It will open a new window. Enter the following details −

  • Enter the Customer ID of the customer to be issued the credit memo.
  • Enter the Document Date.
  • Enter the Amount to be credited.
  • Enter the tax code used in the original invoice.
  • Check the Calculate Tax checkbox.
Sales Return Details

Go to Item details section and enter the following data −

  • Enter the Sales Revenue Account for the Original Invoice was posted.
  • Enter the Amount to be debited and check the Tax code.

Once the required details are entered, click the Save button at the top. You will get a confirmation that Sales Return is posted in Company Code 0001.

Sales Return Confirmation
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