SAP FI - AR Account Analysis

There are many types of reports that can be used for account analysis (A/R) −

  • Customer Line Item Analysis
  • Balance Analysis
  • Customer Evaluation Report

Customer Line item Analysis

T-code − FBL5N

Customer line item report will be generated based on the open items, cleared items, and all items. It has options available to see transactions based on type: i.e., special G/L, Noted items, Parked items and vendor items.

Customer Balance

T-code − FD10N

This report will be generated as customer-wise / period-wise balances, including debit and credit amount separately. It will also display the balances related to special G/L under different form and gives the total.

Balances of open Sales Invoice, Debit note and Credit note is available under separate columns in the same report. Users have the facility to incorporate required fields by changing the report layout.

Customer Evaluations

T-code − F.30

This report helps in analyzing customer open transactions company-wise, group-wise, Credit control, etc. Users can define open transactions criteria based on due date, payment history, currency analysis, overdue items etc.

SAP T-codes to be used for Account Analysis in SAP FI −

  • Customer line item display : FBL5N
  • Customer Balance Display : FD10N
  • Accounts Receivable info system : F.30