SAP FI - AR Reporting

There are various reports that you can generate in Account Receivable. Following are the common reports in SAP FI AR along with their T-codes used to generate the report −

  • Bill Holdings (Bill of Exchange Receivable List with ALV facility): S-ALR_87009987

  • Customer Balances in Local Currency: S_ALR_87012172

  • Customer Line Items: S_ALR_87012197

  • Due Dates Analysis for Open Items: S_ALR_87012168

  • List of Customer Open Items: S_ALR_87012173

  • Customer Evaluation with Open Item Sorted List: S_ALR_87012176

  • Customer Payment History: S_ALR_87012177

  • Customer Open Item Analysis (Overdue Items Balance): S_ALR_87012178

  • List of Customer Cleared Line Items: S_ALR_87012198

  • List of Down Payments open at key date: S_ALR_87012199

  • Debit & Credit Notes Register u2013 Monthly: S_ALR_87012287

  • Customer-wise Sales: S_ALR_87012186