SAP FI - Document Number Ranges

You can assign one or more document types to number range. The number range is applicable to document type as mentioned in the document posting and entry.

How to define Document Number Ranges in SAP FI?

You can define document number ranges in SAP FI in two way. You can either use the T-code FBN1 or go to SPRO → SAP Reference IMG → Financial Accounting → Financial Accounting Global Setting → Document → Define Document Number Ranges → Execute.

Define Document Number Ranges

A new window will open. Enter the company code and click Change Intervals as shown below.

Company Code Number Ranges

It will open another window. Click Insert Interval.

Insert Interval Number Range

Enter the following details −

  • No − Number range code.

  • Year − Enter Year.

  • From Number − From number.

  • To Number − To Number.

  • Current Number − (By default it will be 0).

  • Ext − (Internal or External)

Maintain Interval Range

After providing all these details, click Save to save the changes.