SAP FI - Field Status Variant

Field Status Variant is used to define the fields which are used for input like cost center, profit center, plant, etc., which are entry fields, and hidden fields. Field status Variant is a tool which is provided by SAP to assign the same set of properties to more than one object.

Example − We define fiscal year variant and it can be assigned to more than one company code. If a field status variant is assigned to more than one company code, the same set of screen field will be displayed while posting those company fields.

Difference between field status variant and field status group

Field status variant will have field status groups. Field status group is maintained in GL account and it defines the fields while posting to the GL.

How to create Field Status Variant?

Go to SPRO → SAP Reference IMG → Financial Accounting → Financial Accounting Global Setting → Document → Line Item → Controls → Define Field Status Variant → Execute.

Define Field Status Variant

It will open a new window. Select field status variants 0001 by clicking the box before 0001→ click the Copy icon as shown below.

Select Field Status Variants

It will open another window. Enter the new Field status variant code and the name of field name variant for the company. The target key must be different from the source key. Press the Enter Key and click the Copy All option.

new Field status variant code

new Field status variant codes

You will get a confirming message, something like: "Number of dependent entries copied: 41". Click the Save button.

Confirming Message