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General Knowledge - Major Straits

The following table enlists the major Straits* of the world −

Strait Connects Separates
Bab-el-Mandeb Red Sea to Gulf of Aden Yamen (Asia) from Djibouti & Eritrea (Africa)
Bass strait Pacific Ocean (No other water body) Tasmania from the Australian mainland
Bering Strait Bering Sea (Pacific Ocean) to Chukchi Sea (Arctic Ocean) Russia from Alaska (USA)
Bosphorus Strait Black Sea to Sea of Marmara Asian Turkey from European Turkey
Cook Strait Pacific Ocean (No other water body) North Island from South Islands of New Zealand
Davis strait Baffin Bay to Atlantic Ocean Greenland from Nunavut (Canada's Baffin Island)
Denmark strait Atlantic Ocean (No other water body) Iceland from Greenland
Dover strait English Channel & North Sea England from France
English Channel North Sea & Atlantic Ocean England from France
Florida Strait Gulf of Mexico to Atlantic Ocean Florida (USA) from Cuba
Gibraltar Strait Atlantic Ocean to Mediterranean Sea Spain (Europe) from Morocco (Africa)
Hormuz strait Gulf of Oman to Persian Gulf UAE & Oman from Iran
Hudson strait Atlantic Ocean to Hudson Bay Baffin Island from Quebec (in Canada)
Magellan strait Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean Mainland South America from north and Tierra del Fuego to the south (South America)
Malacca Strait South China Sea to Andaman Sea Malay Peninsula from Indonesian island
Mozambique Strait Indian Ocean (No other water body) Madagascar from Mozambique
Palk Strait Bay of Bengal to Gulf of Mannar India from Sri Lanka
Sunda Strait Indian Ocean to Java Sea Islands of Java from Sumatra (Indonesia)
Torres Strait Arafura Sea to Coral Sea (Pacific Ocean) Australia from Papua New Guinea
Tsugaru Strait Sea of Japan (East Sea) to Pacific Ocean Honshu from Hokkaido (Japan)
Yucatan Strait Gulf of Mexico to Caribbean Sea Mexico from Cuba
100 Channel Bay of Bengal to Andaman Sea Island of Little Andaman from Car Nicobar Island (of India)
90 Channel Indian Ocean (No other water body) Laccadive Islands of Kalpeni from Suheli Par, and Maliku Atoll (of India)

*Strait is a thin waterbody that connects two big water masses and separates two land masses.

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