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General Knowledge - Geological Time Scale

The following table describes Geological Time Scale in brief −

Era Period Period Age (as Million Years Ago – MYA) Major Events


It is the Age of Mammals.

(about 65.5 MYA to Present Day)

Quaternary Holocene 0.01 MYA to present End of the Ice Age and dominance of human beings.
Pleistocene 1.6 MYA Ice Age began and the earliest human appeared.
Tertiary Pliocene 5.3 MYA Trace of human ancestors.
Miocene 23.7 MYA Abundance of grass.
Oligocene 36.6 MYA Dominance of mammals.
Eocene 57.8 MYA Extinction incident
Paleocene 65.5 MYA First large mammals evidenced.


Age of Reptiles.

(about 245 MYA to 65.5 MYA

Cretaceous Extinction of Dinosaurs 144 MYA Flowering plants appeared.
Jurassic 208 MYA First birds appeared.
Triassi First Dinosaurs 245 MYA Reptiles were dominant and evidence of first mammals.


(about 570 MYA to 245 MYA)

Permian Age of Amphibians 286 MYA
Carboniferous 360 MYA First Reptile and large fish appeared.
Devonian Age of Fishes 408 MYA First land animal appeared.
Silurian 438 MYA First insects, land plants, & jawed fish appeared.
Ordovician 505 MYA Extinction incident evidenced.
Cambrian 570 MYA First fungi evidenced.


(about 4600 MYA to 570 MYA)

Proterozoic 2500 MYA First multicellular life appeared.
Achean 3800 MYA First unicellular life appeared.
Hadean Priscoan 4600 MYA Earth cooled and atmosphere and Ocean formed.
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