GK - Governor-General of India


The following table illustrates the Governors-General of India along with their ruling period −

Name Period Picture
Lord William Bentinck 1833 to 1835 Lord William Bentinck
Sir Charles Metcalfe 1835 to 1836 Sir Charles Metcalfe
Lord Auckland 1836 to 1842 Lord Auckland
Lord Ellenborough 1842 to 1844 Lord Ellenborough
William Wilberforce Bird June 1844 to July 1844 N/A
Sir Henry Hardinge 1844 to 1848 Sir Henry Hardinge
Marquess of Dalhousie 1848 to 1856 Marquess of Dalhousie
Viscount Canning 1856 to 1858 Viscount Canning

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