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General Knowledge - Hot Deserts

The following table enlists the major Hot Desert of the world −

Desert Area (in Sq. km)* Located in
Sahara Desert 9,100,000 North Africa
Arabian Desert 2,600,000 West Asia (Middle East)
Great Victoria Desert 647,000 Australia
Kalahari Desert 570,000 South of Africa
Great Basin Desert 490,000 North America
Syrian Desert 490,000 Middle East
Karoo Desert 400,000 South Africa
Thar Desert 376,000 India & Pakistan
Chihuahuan Desert 362,600 Mexico
Great Sandy Desert 284,993 Northwestern Australia
Sonoran Desert 260,000 USA & Mexico
Simpson Desert 176,500 Central Australia
Gibson Desert 156,000 Western Australia
Mojave Desert 124,000 USA
Atacama Desert 105,000 South America
Namib Desert 81,000 South-west of Africa

* The above given area is relative and not a fixed value.

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