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GK - Indian Economy Fact Sheet

The following table illustrates the major facts of Indian economy −

Field Facts
Total Population 1,210,193,422
Sex Ratio 942
Urban Population 31.16 %
Population Density 382 persons per square kilometer
Literacy Rate 72.99%
Male Literacy Rate 80.89 %
Female Literacy Rate 64.64 %
% of Schedule Caste 16.635
% of Schedule Tribe 8.614
Child Sex Ratio 919
GDP Annual Growth Rate 7.5% (2016-17)
GDP (nominal) Ranking 2016 7th largest economy (India is 9th fastest growing nation of the world)
GDP (PPP) Ranking 2016 3rd largest economy (after China and USA)
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) $31 billion in 2015 (China $28 billion & the US $27 billion)
Largest trading partner of India China (USA stands second)
Largest export partner of India USA (UAE stands second)
Largest import partner of India China (Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, & USA stand 2, 3, & 4 respectively)
Unemployment rate 9.60% (2011 census), Kerala has the highest graduate unemployment rate (over 30%)
Per capita income USD 1581.6
Total Road length (network) ranking of India 2nd (USA stands first)
Total Rail length (network) ranking of India 4th (USA – 1st, China – 2nd, & Russia – 3rd)
HDI ranking of India 130th (Norway is the first rank country)
Inflation rate of India 5.9 (2015)
Contribution of Agriculture in GDP (of India) 17.83% (2014)
Contribution of Industry in GDP (of India) 30.09% (2014)
Contribution of Services in GDP (of India) 52.08% (2014)
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