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Gk - Color Revolutions in India

The following table enlists the color revolutions in India −

Revolutions Related to Initiator
Black Power Revolution Petroleum N/A
Blue Revolution Fish Hiralal Chaudhuri
Brown Revolution Leather, Cocoa N/A
Grey Revolution Fertilizer N/A
Green Revolution Agriculture Norman Borlaugm (in Mexico – first in the world & M.S. Swaminathan (in India)
White Revolution Milk (Dairy Farming) Verghese Kurien
Silver Revolution Eggs N/A
Pink Revolution Drugs & Pharmaceuticals N/A
Golden Revolution Horticulture & Honey N/A
Golden Fiber Revolution Jute N/A
Red Revolution Meat and Tomato N/A
Yellow Revolution Oil Seeds N/A
Silver Fiber Revolution Cotton N/A
Round Revolution Potato N/A