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GK - Governors of Presidency

The following table illustrates the Governors of the Presidency along with their ruling period −

Name Period Picture
Warren Hastings 1773 to 1785 Warren Hastings
Sir John Macpherson 1785 to 1786 Sir John Macpherson
Earl Cornwallis 1786 to 1793 Earl Cornwallis
Sir John Shore 1793 to 1798 Sir John Shore
Sir Alured Clarke March 1798 to May 1798 Sir Alured Clarke
Marquess Wellesley 1798 to 1805 Marquess Wellesley
Marquess Cornwallis July 1805 to Oct 1805 Marquess Cornwallis
Sir George Barlow 1805 to 1807 Sir George Barlow
Lord Minto 1807 to 1813 Lord Minto
Marquess of Hastings 1813 to 1823 Marquess of Hastings
John Adam Jan 1823 to Aug 1823 John Adam
Lord Amherst 1823 to 1828 Lord Amherst
William Butterworth Bayley March 1828 to July 1828
Lord William Bentinck 1828 to 1833 Lord William Bentinck
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