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Gk - Other Energy Sources in India

Solar Energy

  • India is one of the leading Solar Energy producing countries in the world.

  • By the time, the total installed grid connected solar power capacity is (about) 7,568 MW; however, the proposed target is 100,000 MW that set to achieve by 2022.

  • With the total production of 1285.932 MW, Rajasthan is ranked first, followed by Tamil Nadu (1267 MW), Gujarat (1120 MW), and Andhra Pradesh (864 MW).

Tidal Energy

  • India is estimated to have a potential of 40 to 60 GW of Wave Energy all around its coastal area.

  • Sagar Shakthi is a 1 MW OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) plant built off the Tuticorn coast.

  • Located at Borya and Budhal villages in the coastal region of Ratnagiri district, are the major tidal energy plants in Maharashtra.

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