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General Knowledge - Major Rivers

The following table enlists the major Rivers of the world −

River Length (in KM) Ending Point Location
Nile 6,650 Mediterranean Sea Africa
Amazon 6,400 Atlantic Ocean South America
Yangtze 6,300 East China Sea China (Asia)
Mississippi–Missouri 6,275 Gulf of Mexico USA
Yenisei–Angara– Selenge 5,539 Kara Sea Russia
Yellow River (Huang He) 5,464 Bohai Sea China (Asia)
Ob–Irtysh 5,410 Gulf of Ob Asia
Paraná – Río de la Plata 4,880 Atlantic Ocean South America
Congo–Chambeshi (Zaïre) 4,700 Atlantic Ocean Africa
Amur–Argun 4,444 Sea of Okhotsk Asia
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