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Adobe RoboHelp - What’s This? Help


The ‘What’s This?’ Help can be used to add CSH to controls and fields in dialog boxes. For MS HTML Help files, the composer supports .exe, .dll and .ocx files. The Help files are created in a Context.txt file, which is then attached to the project.

Creating a What’s This? Help

To create a What’s This? Help file, expand the Context-Sensitive Help folder in the Output Setup pod. Right click on the What’s This? Help Files folder and click on Create/Import What’s This? Help File…

In the Create/Import What’s This? Help File dialog box, select the text file containing the What’s This? Help content. Alternatively, you can type a name for the What’s This? Help file and RoboHelp will create a .txt file for you.

What's This

When you create a new What’s This? Help file, you will be given the option to link the topic IDs with the corresponding map numbers. We should now follow the steps given below to complete the process −

  • Enter the topic ID and the corresponding map numbers.
  • In the Topic Text field, enter the content of the topic.
  • Click on Add/Update to link the topic and the map number.
  • Click Close when done.
Help File