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Adobe RoboHelp - Editing ToCs


You can rename ToC books and pages without affecting the topic title linked to it. You can also change the topic title without affecting the ToC. In RoboHelp, you can rename, reorder or change properties of ToC books or pages.

Rename ToC Books and Pages

To rename a ToC book or page, right-click a book or page in the Table of Contents pod and select Rename. Type the new name and press Enter.

Rename TOC

Reorder ToC books and pages

Select a book or page in the Table of Contents pod and drag the item to a different location.

Change properties for ToC books or pages

To rename a book or page or edit a window frame, right-click on the book or the page in the Table of Contents pod. Click on Properties to open the TOC Book Properties dialog box. Make the desired changes in the General and Advanced tabs and then click OK.

Change Properties