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Adobe RoboHelp - Multiscreen Layouts


Most modern browsers are available on multiple platforms and are optimized to scale content dynamically based on screen size. However, this might not be always sufficient and sometimes you might need to target content to a specific screen size or form factor. Using Multiscreen HTML5 SSL enables us to optimize our content for the specific screen size, so that the users are automatically presented the most optimized content.

  • You can also publish content to HTTPS sites.

  • While using Multiscreen HTML5 outputs, make sure to specify the default screen profile, screen resolution and browser agent to ensure that the content renders as intended on the chosen device.

The Adobe RoboHelp documentation lists the following supported browsers for HTML5 output −

Platform Supported Browser
Android Webkit based browser (Chrome)
iOS Apple Safari
Windows Desktop Firefox 4+, Chrome 9+, IE9
Mac OS Apple Safari