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Adobe RoboHelp - External Content Search


You can display content from specified URLs based on user search terms using external content search. When a user performs a search using any of these search terms, RoboHelp returns the title and description of the corresponding URL in the search results.

Set up and Manage External Content Search

From the Open section of the Project tab, click on the Pods icon and select External Content Search to open the External Content Search pod. The pod allows the following options −

  • Add − Click Add and specify search terms (separated by a comma, space, or semicolon) and the URL for the external content.

  • Edit − Select the entry you want to edit and click on Edit. Modify the details and then click OK.

  • Import − Allows you to select the SearchOptions.xml file from a project to import the external content search settings of that project into the current project.

  • Export − Select a folder to export the SearchOptions.xml file.

  • Search − Allows you to specify a string to search for a particular entry.

External Content Search