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Adobe RoboHelp - Editing Index Keywords


RoboHelp allows you to edit and sort index keywords. Other layouts have sorted indexes but changing the sorting of keywords is available only in the HTML Help layout. Moving an index keyword moves its sub keywords as well.

Move and Sort Index Keywords

You can sort index keywords in three ways −

  • Select a keyword and click an arrow button in the toolbar.

  • Drag the keyword.

  • Right-click a keyword. In the Sort menu, select either Current Level or Current Level and Below.

Current Level

Sorting is available only if the action is allowed for the index.

Rename Keywords for a Topic

To rename a topic keyword referenced by a specific topic, change the topic properties. If other topics use the same keyword, the original keyword remains in the index. Only the topic you change is updated.

In the Topic List pod, right-click a topic and click Properties. Select a keyword in the Index tab. Type the new keyword in the text box and click Replace.

Rename Keywords

Remove Index Keywords from Topics

Removing a keyword from a topic only affects the current topic. Other topics that reference the keyword are still linked to it. In the Topic Properties dialog box, select a keyword in the Index tab and click Delete.

Remove Index