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Adobe RoboHelp - Version Control


Version control is an important enterprise feature, which saves every version of the document on a server. Multiple people can therefore, simultaneously make changes to a document without fear of disturbing the original document. Since all versions of a document are saved, users can revert to any version as needed.

RoboHelp supports native Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and above integration. Support for Microsoft SharePoint is installed during program setup itself. The setup also installs the .NET Framework 4.0 and SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2, which is required for SharePoint integration.

Configure SharePoint Settings

To configure SharePoint settings, go to the File menu, click on Options and select Version Control. To enable file comparisons between your computer and the server, you need to have a file comparison program installed.

You can download a free program called Winmerge from http://winmerge.org/ and enter the program path in the Path parameter in the SharePoint Settings area. You can also enter any program specific arguments.


You can also configure the following options −

  • Notify before overwriting writable files − Notifies the user before overwriting any writable files that are not checked out.

  • Replace local file even if server version is same − Fetch the latest files from the server, even if the local file version and the server version is the same.

  • Default Check-in Option − Select to check in the files as a major version or as a minor version. The default is to check in as a major version.

In the next chapter, we will learn how to work with reports in RoboHelp.