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Adobe RoboHelp - Overview of Projects


A project is a collection of source files that becomes the help system, which the end user sees. Project files are stored in the .xpj format and contain the information and properties of the project.

A project file comprises of the following components −

  • Content
  • Properties
  • Navigation

Let us discuss each of these in detail.


The project content includes the topics and information about the location of topics, images, index, ToC, etc.


On a new project, default properties are used. These properties include settings such as – Title, Language, Windows, etc., which can be modified based on the requirement.


Projects include a ToC, Index and full text search to enable the user to navigate the content.

Project Files

A RoboHelp project comprises of the following files −

  • Main project file (XPJ)
  • Folder files (FPJ)
  • Single-source layout files (SSL)
  • Auxiliary project files (APJ) and
  • Other types of files

Let us discuss each of these files in detail below.

Main project file (XPJ)

The project file (.xpj) is XML-based. Older .mpj files convert to XPJ files in the latest version of RoboHelp.

Folder files (FPJ)

The FPJ file lists the folder contents. Only those subfolders and topics that are listed in the FPJ file of a folder are displayed.

Single-source Layout Files (SSL)

Stores properties of the single-source layout and is modified when you edit the properties.

Auxiliary Project Files (APJ)

Components such as windows, baggage files, map files, font sets, etc., have corresponding APJ files, which get modified or edited.

Other types of files

Other types of files in a project include the following −

  • Browse sequences (BRS)
  • Topics (HTM)
  • TOC (HHC)
  • Index (HHK)
  • Glossary (GLO)
  • Image and multimedia files (filename extension varies)
  • Style sheets (CSS)