• Adobe RoboHelp Tutorial

Defining a Chapter Layout


You order topics and folders logically in the Project Manager pod to define a chapter layout. This chapter layout forms the basis for the Table of Contents creation by RoboHelp.

A few important points to note here are as follows −

  • If you rename a folder or a topic, the topics and folders retain their order.

  • If you delete a topic or a folder, the remaining topics retain their order.

  • If you add a new topic or a folder, it is added at the top inside the parent folder.

  • If you drop a topic or a folder on a non-topic/folder item (such as CSS, image, or baggage), it moves to the last position inside the parent folder of the target.

To order topics, simply drag a topic or folder above or below another topic or folder. A green arrow is shown to indicate the placement of the topic or folder.

Chapter Layout