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EPUB and Kindle Book Outputs


Help content can be distributed in the EPUB or Kindle Book formats, so that it can be read on eBook readers, tablets and other mobile devices.

To generate eBook outputs, double click on the eBook in the Outputs (SSL) pod to open the eBook Settings page. In the General Page under the eBook Formats, select EPUB 3 or Kindle Book or both.

For EPUB 3, RoboHelp generates .epub files. For Kindle Book, RoboHelp generates a Kindle Format 8 and Mobi file using the KindleGen converter. The link to download the KindleGen converter is available in the Kindle Book Generation dialog box.


The EPUB output can be validated by clicking on the Validate EPUB 3 Output under Options. This requires downloading a Java EpubCheck file, which is available in the link shown in the dialog box.

EPUB Output

To add a cover image to the eBook, click Meta Information on the left hand side pane and under Cover Image, select the path to the image that you wish to be the cover image.

Meta Information

We can also embed fonts used in the project along with the EPUB, so that users need not have the fonts installed natively on their reader. To do so, click on Content in the left hand side pane and tick the Embed Fonts checkbox. Click on Manage… to select the fonts you wish to embed in the eBook.

Embed Fonts