• Adobe RoboHelp Tutorial

Adobe RoboHelp - General Settings


To configure general program options, go to the File tab, then go to Options and select the General section to change the settings.

An overview of some of the important settings is given in the following screenshot −

General Settings

Preferences for General Settings

Following are the preferences for general setting in RoboHelp.

  • Use underscores in filenames − Topic file names are saved with underscores between words, which are required for HTML projects.

  • Automatically check for updates − Checks for updates upon exit. You can also enable this option by selecting File → Help → Accounts and updates → Updates...

  • Allow editing of multiple topics − Opens topics in different tabs in Design Editor and allows editing.

  • Clear project cache (.cpd file) before opening any project − This helps to Delete the old <ProjectName>.cpd file every time. While opening a project and a new <ProjectName>.cpd is created from the project files.

  • Remember project state − Ensures that RoboHelp remembers the location of the opened files and pods, so that the project will open in the same state, the next time you open the program.

Generation of Commands

Following are the list of commands in RoboHelp.

  • Auto-compile outdated files − Automatically generates your primary layout, when the output files are out of date.

  • Auto-display output view − Shows the Output View at the bottom of the program window, when a project is generating.

  • Convert RoboHelp-edited topics to HTML − Converts XHTML topics into HTML in the output. Topics created or edited with third-party editors are not converted.

  • Show learning resources on Starter page − Show or hide the area that has a stream of learning resources on the Starter page.