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Adobe RoboHelp - Managing Map IDs


Before looking at creating and managing map IDs, it is important to acquaint ourselves with map numbers, map files and map IDs.

  • Map Number − A map number is a number associated with a topic ID. Map numbers and topics IDs are stored in map files, which are called upon when CSH is invoked.

  • Map File − A map file contains the map number and topic IDs. A project can contain multiple map files. Map files have the extension .h, .hh or .hm.

  • Map ID − A map ID pairs the map number with a topic ID.

Creating a Map File

A map file can be created by either authors or developers. Open the Output Setup Pod and expand the Context-Sensitive Help folder.

Right click on the Map Files folder and click on New Map File… Enter a name for the new map file and then click on OK.

Create Map File

Creating a Map ID

For creating a Map ID, we should follow the steps given below.

  • Expand the Map Files folder in the Context-Sensitive Help folder in the Output Setup pod and double click on All Map IDs.

  • In the Map File dropdown menu, select a map file to store the map ID.

  • Then, click on the Create Map ID or Edit Map ID button.

  • Type a word or phrase to identify the topic in Topic ID and type a number in Map Number.

Create Map ID