• Adobe RoboHelp Tutorial

Adobe RoboHelp - Forms and Frames


RoboHelp allows you to add forms to topics where the user can fill in information and create frames and framesets to help in navigation.

Adding a Form to a Topic

To insert a form, place the cursor in the topic where the form is desired and from the HTML section of the Insert tab, click on the HTML Form dropdown menu and click on Form.

Adding Form

A placeholder will be inserted in the text. Double click on the placeholder to edit the form’s properties.

Creating Frames and Framesets

Frames divide the help viewer into different regions for each topic. Framesets allow the topics to change, while keeping some topics stationary. Though you can create multiple frames in a frameset, creating too many frames can clutter the interface and even cause increased load times.

In the Project Manger tab (click on Toggle Project Manager View if required), right click on the Project Files folder and in the ‘New’ menu click on Frameset.

Creating Frame

Select a frameset template from the options given. Enter a title and click on Next.

Frameset Template

New Frameset

The framesets can be seen in the HTML Files folder in the Project Manager and can be edited.