• Adobe RoboHelp Tutorial

Borders, Backgrounds and Sounds


RoboHelp allows you to edit border and backgrounds in your content easily. The applied formatting creates inline styles, which override style sheets.

Add or Edit Borders and Backgrounds

Select a paragraph in the topic and in the Paragraph Formatting menu in the Edit tab, click on Borders and Shading. Click on the Borders tab or shading tab, specify the desired options, and click OK.

Edit Borders

Add Borders to Images

Double-click on the image in the Design Editor. In the Image dialog box, click Borders to open the Borders dialog box and set the options as required. Click on OK.

Add Borders

Add Sounds to Topics

Right-click on a topic in the Project Manager and click on Properties. In the Appearance tab, enter the sound file in the Background Sound box. The supported sound formats include – .au, .mid, .rmi and .wav. Enter the number of times to play in the Sound Loop Count box.

Add Sounds