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Adobe RoboHelp - Creating List Styles


<Start here> With RoboHelp, you can create both HTML lists and advanced lists. Advanced lists can be either single level or multilevel lists.

  • HTML lists − All the ordered <ol> and unordered <ul> lists come under the HTML lists.

  • Advanced lists − Creates a hierarchical or outline list, such as numbered heading styles, with numbering such as 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, and so on.

Create HTML lists

In the Styles and Formatting pod, choose List Styles. Right-click on the pod, go to the New Menu and select List Style. Name the new list, select the font, font size and color for the new list style.

You can click on the Create an numbered List or the Create a bulleted list button to create a numbered or bulleted list.

HTML Lists

Create Multilevel Lists

In the Style and Formatting pod, click Create New Style, and select Multilevel List Style. Type a name for the new multilevel list and click on OK. Select a list level from the Apply Formatting To menu and select the paragraph style to apply to the current list level. You can select a predefined list style from the List Style dropdown menu, or click New to create a list style.

In the Edit Style dialog box, enter text or numbers to prefix a sequence or a multilevel list. To specify the level to prefix, select the level from the Insert Level menu. You can add a prefix to the level in the Edit Style box by separating the level and prefix with a separator such as a dot (.) or an angle bracket (>).

Apply formatting to the list style and then click on OK.

Multilevel Lists