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Maintaining and Repairing Links


Maintaining and repairing links is a very important component of RoboHelp. Let us learn how this is done and what its advantages are.

Update and Remove Links

To update and remove links, we should follow the steps given below.

  • Open the topic containing the desired link.

  • To update the link, right-click on the link, select Hyperlink Properties and make changes.

  • To remove a link, right-click the link and select Remove Hyperlink.

  • To remove the link and the text, select the text and press Delete.

Hyperlink Properties

Fix Broken Links

To fix broken links, we should follow the steps given below.

  • Click on the Topic References button in the Navigation section of the Project tab to open the Topic References dialog box. To fix a link, first select a link in the References to the Selected Topic and then click on Edit or Delete to edit or remove the hyperlink.

  • To fix a TOC item, index keyword, or image map, first select the item and then click Edit and select a valid destination to repair the broken link.

  • To remove TOC entries, select the TOC item and then click on Delete.

Fix Broken Links