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Creating and Editing Variables


You can store static global information that can be used repeatedly in your project in the form of User-Defined Variables (UDVs). When you modify a variable or value, every occurrence of that variable or value is updated across the project.

The User Defined Variables pod lists all the user-defined variables in a project.

Creating a User-Defined Variable

To create a UDV, right-click a word in the topic, go to the Add to menu and select User Defined Variable. In the dialog box that appears, specify the Variable Name and click on OK.

New Variable

Creating a Variable Set

Variable sets enable you to modify values of various user-defined variables and use them in different outputs. The Default Variable Set is the master variable set. When you insert a variable, the variable is taken from the Default Variable Set.

To use a variable set other than the Default Variable Set, Click on the Add/Edit Variable Set icon in the UDV pod and click Add to specify a name for the new variable set and then click on OK.

Variable Set

Editing User-Defined Variables

To edit a user-defined variable, right-click on the variable name and click on Edit…. In the user-defined Variable Properties dialog box, you can edit the different properties of the variable such as variable name, the set it belongs to, the value and an optional description.

Editing Variable