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Generate Output for MS SharePoint


It is possible to publish native ASPX or HTML outputs directly to a Microsoft SharePoint server from RoboHelp. SharePoint acts as a single resource for multiple web applications and content management. Hence, it makes it easy for users in SMEs to access centralized information.

Publish ASPX Multiscreen Output to MS SharePoint

The Multiscreen HTML5 SSL enables direct publishing of native (ASPX) outputs to a SharePoint 2010 library or SharePoint 2007 folder. The topics appear as a single HTML page when viewed in the browser.

In the Outputs (SSL) pod, right click on the Multiscreen HTML5 output and click on Properties. In the Multiscreen HTML5 Settings dialog box, click on SharePoint (Native) and specify the SharePoint version on the server.

Multiscreen HTML5

You can also create custom master pages for each of the device profiles by clicking on the device profile name and selecting the type of master page.

Create Custom

Publish HTML Output to MS SharePoint

Similar to ASPX multiscreen output, you can publish WebHelp, FlashHelp as well as Adobe AIR output directly to SharePoint. To publish a WebHelp output, double click on the WebHelp output in the Outputs(SSL) pod to open the WebHelp settings dialog box.

Then, click on Publish and select the SharePoint server to which we would like the output to be published. We can also add new SharePoint servers by clicking on the New… button.

MS SharePoint