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Developers can use RoboHelp APIs to create custom dialog boxes based on their requirements. RH_ShowHelp is the program function that calls the Help files in the project. Supported languages include Visual Basic, C/C++, JavaScript and Java.

The files for respective languages are located in Install Directory\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp (version)\CSH API. The RoboHelp documentation lists the parameters contained in RH_ShowHelp. They following table describes all these parameters −

Sr. No. Parameter & Description


This parameter closes the Help dialog, when the calling window is closed.



This parameter specifies the Help Source depending on the Output type.

For Webhelp/FlashHelp: "Path to project start page"

For Webhelp Pro: "http://<ServerName>/roboapi.asp"

For HTML Help: "Path to .CHM file".



This parameter contains the following constants −

HH_DISPLAY_INDEX − Displays Index pane and default topic.

HH_DISPLAY_SEARCH − Displays Search pane and default topic.

HH_DISPLAY_TOC − Displays Contents pane and default topic.

HH_HELP_CONTEXT − Opens topic associated with map ID in dwData parameter.



This parameter is used to obtain the map ID and export the map file for the programming language. Use the HH_HELP_CONTEXT in the uCommand parameter.

For more information or to further connect CSH topics to the languages listed above, refer to the Adobe RoboHelp documentation available on the following link – https://helpx.adobe.com/support/robohelp.html.