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Adobe RoboHelp - ActiveX Controls


ActiveX controls are small programs that run in Windows applications such as Internet Explorer and HTML Help Viewer to enable additional functionality to the HTML page. RoboHelp comes with several ActiveX controls that you can use for HTML Help. By default, ActiveX controls such as HHCTRL.OCX are included to provide ToC, index and full text search.

The most common types of HTML ActiveX controls include −

  • Calendar Control
  • Custom Buttons
  • Banner
  • Chart
  • Calculations, etc.

Add ActiveX controls

You might need to distribute the ActiveX controls located in the Redist directory of your Adobe RoboHelp installation to users who require them.

To insert an ActiveX control, place the cursor in the topic where the control is desired and from the HTML section of the Insert tab, click on the JavaScript dropdown menu and click on ActiveX Control.

ActiveX Control

Select the desired ActiveX control from the list and click on OK to add the control to your topic. You can double click on the added ActiveX control to view its properties.

Properties View

Note − Not all ActiveX controls have properties dialog boxes.