• Adobe RoboHelp Tutorial

Generating and Customizing Reports


With RoboHelp, you can generate and customize a wide variety of reports. We will look at an example of a non-customizable and a customizable report. All reports can be accessed from the Tools tab.

Broken Links Report

This report can be accessed by clicking on the Map ID icon in the Tools tab and selecting Broken Links. It finds files that contain broken links. This report is not customizable.

Brocken Links Report

Index Report

Click on the ToC icon in the Tools tab and select Index from the dropdown menu. The following options can be customized in this report.

  • Keywords − Includes all keywords from the index.

  • Keywords and Topics − Contains a list of keywords. Each keyword lists the topics that use it.

  • Topics and Keywords − Contains a list of topics. Each topic lists the keywords associated with the topic.

  • Select Index − Select an Index from the list to generate a report for the index selected.

Index Report