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Adobe RoboHelp - Overview


Adobe RoboHelp is a popular Help Authoring Tool (HAT) from Adobe. It is used by industry professionals to deliver engaging help content, e-learning resources, organizational policies and knowledge base articles to a wide audience irrespective of device form factor. The latest version of RoboHelp (2017 release) helps you to easily create next-gen Responsive HTML5 layouts, which enable seamless navigation and rich interactivity.

RoboHelp was first created by Gen Kiyooka and released by Blue Sky Software in 1992. Blue Sky Software was acquired by Macromedia, which was subsequently acquired by Adobe in 2005. Adobe RoboHelp 2017 is versioned as 13.0 although technically it is version 21 taking into account the previous versions released under Macromedia.

RoboHelp has evolved from being just a HAT to a versatile tool, which can help you create eBooks and even web sites. RoboHelp can output to a variety of help formats using the following Single Source Layouts (SSLs) −

  • Responsive HTML5
  • eBook
  • Microsoft HTML Help
  • JavaHelp
  • Oracle Help
  • Eclipse Help
  • Adobe AIR Help
  • Standard Word and PDF documentation

One of the biggest challenges faced in content delivery is ensuring that the intended audience is able to view it. RoboHelp allows content creators to create native apps for Android and iOS without the need for any extra software.

With a plethora of new features in the latest release, Adobe RoboHelp remains the industry standard HAT for creating engaging help, e-learning and technical content which addresses the varied needs of the target audience in a dynamic way. It is easy to use – both by seasoned authors as well as by novices.