• Adobe RoboHelp Tutorial

Adobe RoboHelp - Dynamic Editing of CST


We can dynamically edit a context-sensitive help topic (CST) associated with an application dialog box. Technical authors can open the application and associate the Help topic dynamically.

Mapping an Application Dialog Box with a Topic

RoboHelp makes it easy to map a Help project with an application. Open the Help project that belongs to the application for which a CSH needs to be created. In the CSH section of the Tools tab, click on Open CSH Help, browse to the path of the executable for which the CSH needs to be mapped. Then click on the Open button.

Mapping Application

When the application launches, select a dialog box in the application, which needs CSH mapping and press F1 or click on Help. Select a map file from the Project Map File popup menu in the CSH Options dialog box.

From here, we can either map the application to an existing topic (Map to selected topic) or map it to a new topic (Map to New Topic) and then click OK. We can also edit the topic contents (Edit Mapped Topic) or remove the mapping altogether (Remove Mapping).