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Adobe RoboHelp - Managing ToCs


RoboHelp provides several options for managing ToCs and resolving errors and broken links.

Managing ToCs with reports

We can get different forms of ToC reports, which we can print, copy and email. To access these reports, go to the Tools tab and in the Reports section, select the type of report needed.

The TOC Report displays the hierarchy of books and pages in a table of contents. If you change topic titles or filenames, you can compare them with the titles used in the books and pages.

You can choose from the following report formats −

  • Detailed − Includes titles of books and pages, names of topics that are linked to them and names of folders in which the files are located.

  • Overview − Includes titles of books and pages and names of topics linked to them.

Report Format

Identify and fix broken ToC links

You can identify broken links when they appear in the Table of Contents pod with a red X. In the Project tab, click on Broken Links in the Navigation section.

Broken TOC

References to Selected Topic

Shows all references to the missing topic. The Open Book icon Book indicates broken TOC references.

All Missing Topics

Displays topics missing from the project. To remove a TOC item, select it under References to Selected Topic, and then click on Delete.