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Adobe RoboHelp - Creating HTML Styles


You can edit the Div, Hyperlink and Image styles using the Styles editor or from the Styles and Formatting pod.

  • Div is used for text boxes and positioned text boxes.

  • Hyperlink is used for hyperlinks, dropdown hotspots, expanding hotspot and glossary terms.

  • Image is used to place an image.

Create Styles based on Div, Hyperlink and Image Styles

To create a style based on Div, Hyperlink or Image styles, double-click a CSS file in the Project Manager pod to open the Styles editor. Right-click on a style category from the Styles list and select New. Name the style and set the properties as desired.

Styles Creating

Editing Div and Image styles

We can edit the properties of Div and Image styles from the Styles editor or from the Styles and Formatting pod. You can edit the Size, Margin, Float, and Border attributes of a division or a section of text or an image.

Use the Float attribute to position text to the left or to the right of a division. If you set the Float attribute to Left, the text is placed to the right. The Overflow property (for Div styles) can be used to specify what happens if text overflows in a division. If you specify Overflow as Scroll, a scroll bar is added to display the content that overflows.

Styles Editing