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Adobe RoboHelp - Generate DUCC


The Dynamic User Centric Content (DUCC) helps users to toggle between different types of layouts, which cater to different products. Each layout will contain its own ToC, Index and Glossary.

DUCC works best with Adobe AIR and WebHelp outputs. For example, you can create content categories in an Adobe AIR layout, which can be then selected in the output.

Creating Content Categories in an Adobe AIR Layout

From the Outputs (SSL) pod, click on the Create Output button in the toolbar and select the output type as Adobe AIR.

Create Output

Then, right click on the Adobe AIR output in the Outputs (SSL) pod and click on Properties. In the Content Categories tab, select the categories that you want the user to dynamically change. You can also create, edit, change the order or remove existing categories.


Each content category has its own ToC, Index, Browse Sequences, etc.