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Earlier this Dashboard Designer was known as Xcelsius in SAP Business Objects 3.x version. It was also called Crystal Dashboard when Business Objects was not a product suite of SAP.

When Business Objects was acquired by SAP, the products were renamed as follows −

  • BOXI 3.1 compatible Dashboard is called Xcelsius 2008.

  • BOXI 4.0 compatible Dashboard is called Dashboard 4.0.

  • BOXI 4.1 compatible Dashboard is called Dashboard 4.1.

SAP Dashboards Vs Design Studio

SAP Dashboards Designer and Design Studio both are excellent tools for creating dashboards and support advanced features. The selection to choose one over other purely depends on the client requirements and system landscape.

Features Dashboards Designer Design Studio
Chart Types There are 22 charts of 16 types 34 charts of 12 types
Selectors 18 Selectors of 16 types 10 Selectors of 10 Types
Containers 7 Containers of 3 Types 5 Container of 5 Types
Maps For 100 Countries No Maps
Calendar Calendar is available as table Calendar is available as input field
Filter Panel No filter Panel Drilling and Filtering Capabilities
What−If Component 6 components No components
Visualization Engine Adobe Flash with HTML5 support Native HTML with CSS
Design and Color Schemes Multiple themes, customize using GUI Basic themes, customized using CSS
Design Studio

Sample Models

Sample models can be used to check how the different functions work in Dashboards and how you can use these functions in your own model. Each sample model includes own embedded spreadsheets data to check how different components are bound to data in spreadsheets.

You can check sample models in Dashboard by going to the File option at the top.

Untitled Dashboard

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