SAP Dashboards - Container Components

The container component can be nested to create multilayer models. You can use a canvas container within the main canvas to hold one or more components. You can add, move, delete or change components in the panel container.

Types of Containers

You can use different types of containers, some of which are as follows −

Panel Container

You can use a panel container to hold components in smaller canvases within the main canvas. You can add, delete, move or change components in a panel container.

To see the list of components in a panel container, go to Object Browser → Expand.

Panel Container

Tab Set

A Tab Set component acts as a smaller canvas within the main canvas and contains multiple tabs. To display a view, you can click on the corresponding tab.

Tab Set

Note − In case you delete a container or a tab set, all the components in a container or tab set are also deleted.

Container Properties

Like a Canvas, you can set different properties for a container −

Container General Properties − You can add general properties of a Container such as − Title, etc.

Container General

Container Behavior Properties − You can set behavior properties of the container such as the Scroll bar options, Dynamic visibility, etc.

Container Behavior

Container Appearance Properties − You can define Appearance for the container elements like Text and Color properties.

Container Appearance