SAP Dashboards - Universe Connectivity

This category provides components that can be used with queries on the Universe.

Queries On Universe

Query Refresh Button

This allows the user to refresh the data at runtime. You can include Universe or BEX query to allow users to request a query refresh at run time.

Add Query Refresh button to Canvas and Right Click → Properties.

Add Query Refresh

In the label tab, you can enter the text manually or can use cell selector to add a text from a cell in spreadsheet. Refresh the queries window which allows you to select the query active for your data model.

In a similar way you can go to the Behavior tab and set the following property.

Refresh after components are loaded − This option allows you to refresh the connection automatically when your data model loads. There are various other fields that you can select for a query refresh.

Refresh After Components Loaded

Query Prompt Selector

This allows the user to select values from the BEX or Universe query prompts at run time. As per the prompt type, a user can select a single value to use as the filter parameter or can choose selection objects.

To add a query prompt, you can add it from the components list and select a source query prompt or a preconfigured query prompt by dragging a query prompt to canvas.

Add Query Prompt