Configure Component Properties

You can configure the settings of components in the Properties panel. Select a component in the Canvas and go to Properties as shown in the following screenshot.

Multiple Component

Not all the properties are available for all the components.

Different Tabs to Configure Component Properties

Following are a few Tabs that help in configuring different component properties in SAP Dashboard.

  • The General Tab allows you to configure basic properties like labels, displays, source and destination data and so on.

  • Insertion tab allows you to configure data insertion options for the component.

  • Behavior tab allows you to configure component functions like dynamic visibility, variable amount of data and scaling, etc.

Common Tab
  • The Appearance tab allows you to set visual characteristics of the component, its layout options, text options, color, etc.

Appearance Tab
  • The Alert tab is used to enable alerts of acceptable values of data, threshold values, acceptable range and color coding for different values.

Alert Tab