SAP Dashboards - Introduction

In this chapter, we will begin with discussing about the basics of what SAP Dashboard is and how it evolved.

What is SAP Dashboard?

Dashboard designer is a SAP Business Objects Data Visualization Tool that is used to create interactive dashboards from different data sources. Dashboard designer allows BI developers to create custom dashboards from almost any type of data source to meet the business requirements in an organization.

Dashboards can include different graphs, charts and gauge that are based on the data provided by data sources. Dashboards are used by Senior Management that offers up to date information to information to company CEO’s and VP’s.

SAP Dashboard ─ Overview

Consider that you have been promoted to the position of CEO of a company and you want to head a board meeting that shows your company’s annual sales growth in different regions.

SAP Business Objects allow you to create dynamic corporate Dashboards for business presentations that looks user interactive and provides the information in quick up to date summary form.

A Dashboard will contain −

  • A tab that contains a dynamic chart that contains profit margin by product line, region and Year.

  • A tab that contains a chart showing sales versus profit margin.

Sales Versus Profit Margin

In the above image, a currency convertor option has been added, to see $ by value in different currencies.