SAP Dashboards - Quick Views

In this chapter, we will discuss what Quick Views are and how is it beneficial to SAP Dashboards.

Ways to Access Quick Views

To quickly access different views in the Dashboard, you can use the Quick Views option. Go to View → Quick Views.

Different View

You can also access Quick Views by going to the Standard Tool Bar as shown in the following screenshot.

Standard Tool Quick View

My Workspace − This is used to view workspace as you last configured it.

Canvas Only − This view can be selected to arrange components on Canvas while designing your model.

Arrange Components on Canvas

Spreadsheet Only − This view is used to display spreadsheet. It is useful to see the correctness of data, creating blank cells, or to put formulas. You can perform a search easily in case of large size spreadsheets.

Spread Sheets

Canvas and Spreadsheet − This is used to view Canvas and spreadsheet so that you can get more space to select components and to bind them to spreadsheets.

Canvas And Spreadsheets

Using Auto-Hide

The auto − hide feature is used to automatically hide the panels when they are not in use. This function is available for the following components −

  • Property
  • Object Browser
  • Component Browser
  • Query Browser
Auto Hide

When you have auto hide enabled, a panel will automatically collapse when you point the cursor outside the panel. You can again expand a panel by clicking on the panel name in the workspace area.