SAP Dashboards - Single Value Components

Single Value Components (SVC) are used for adding interactivity to data models. You can use them to add more attention to important parameters.

Types of SVC

Single value components can be used in different styles, some of which are as follows −

  • Horizontal Progress Bar
  • Vertical Progress Bar
  • Dual Slider
  • Dual Slider 2
  • Dial and many more

Single value components can be used as an input or output element. As an input element, it can add user interactivity and output element is used to display value of cells.


Dial is used as a link to a single cell. Users can click and drag dial to change the values.


Horizontal and Vertical Slider

These are connected to a single cell and is used to pass user input. Users can drag the slider to change the values in the data model.

Horizontal Vertical Slider

Horizontal and Vertical Progress Bar

When value displayed by progress bar increases, more and more area gets filled.

Vertical Progress Bar

There are various single selector components that you can use in a data model. Some of these are shown in the following screenshot.

Single Selector

Like other components, you can also set different properties for a Single Value Component.

Note − You can use Data inside General Properties to display a value statically or use cell selector to choose a cell from spreadsheet. You should select a single cell for many of the components except Dual slider and Gauge components.

Properties of Single Value Component (SVC)

Following are a few properties of Single Value Component (SVC).

General Properties

It includes title, data, range, minimum and maximum value and other general properties.

General Properties

Behavior Properties

You have two tabs in behavior properties, which are

  • Common
  • Animations and Effect
Slider Movement

Appearance Properties

You have different tabs under appearance such as −

  • Layout tab
  • Text tab
  • Color tab

You can select different values under these tabs for various components.