SAP Dashboards - Setting Component Text

You can decide text formatting in a data model, if text has to be hidden or displayed like in labels, button text, legends, etc. When you select text to be displayed, you can define how the text will be look like.

How to Define Text Formatting?

To define Text Formatting, go to Properties → Appearance → Text.

Text Formatting

When you click on the Text tab, it shows a list of text elements that you can set for a component. In a format selected text, you can select font name, size, and text type (Bold, Italic or Underline), text color settings, etc.

Format Select Text

The Position section defines where the label should be in relation to a component and in the offset you can set the distance to move it relatively to the position.

Position Tab

Number Formatting

In the Number format you can select the following values from drop down list −

  • General − No specific number format.

  • Numeric − Values are considered as numbers only.

  • Currency − In this format, values are displayed as monetary values.

  • Percent − Values are displayed as percentage format.

  • Date − The values are displayed in the Date format.

  • Time − The format allows values to display in time format.

  • Boolean − The values are displayed as two value option (true/false, etc.)

  • Text − The data is displayed as text only.

Number Format

Additional Formatting

You can also do some additional formatting for a few format types. Some of them are as follows −

  • Negative Values − This is applicable to numeric and currency format and is used to specify formatting for numeric values.

  • Decimal Places − This is used to specify the number of decimal places.

  • Prefix/Suffix − This is used to specify the current symbol to show before/after the value.

  • Use 1000 Separators − This is used to put comma between hundred and thousand values.

Negative Values