SAP Dashboards - Models And Templates

A data model is known to consist multiple components that are bound to the data source in a query or a spreadsheet. You can use the default templates in the Dashboard designer to create data models.

To create a model in the Dashboard, you first need to import data into the embedded spreadsheet or create a query from the external data source. The next step is to add components as per the model requirements and link them to a data source. Then comes setting the properties of component like formatting, text, color and layout of component and last step is to preview and publish the model.


To create new models, you can use templates as the starting point. Templates also gives an idea how different the component works and you can add them to the canvas to build a new model. You can add a template, delete it or can also modify it.

You can use templates that contain basic components and add customization to meet the dashboard needs as per the requirement.

To open templates, go to File → Templates as shown in the following screenshot.


In the next window, you can see the template category. When you select a category, it shows you the list of templates under that category.

Template Category

You can see the template item in the preview tab. Select the template and click OK.

Creating New Templates

Suppose you want to create templates with a company logo to use in the dashboards. You can add logos and set appearances and once it is done you can save your model.

Go to File → Save As and navigate to template folder \assets\template. Enter the name of file and click Save.

New Template Save Option

To export the template, go to File → Export → Flash (SWF)

Export Flash

Navigate to the Template folder and select the file name and click Save.

Navigate And Save